Grown in the rich, fertile soils of Mexico’s highlands, the agave in our tequila blanco shines through in this unadulterated approach. With distinctive notes of juicy mandarin orange paired with cardamom and a hint of cinnamon, you’ll be amazed by the elegance and depth of this tequila. With a touch of heat to finish, your palate will be dancing as you enjoy this blanco to the very last drop.


Our reposado is aged for six months, using 60% new oak barrels that add depth to this savory yet refreshing tequila. Crisp green apple and luscious honey meld together with herbal notes of bay leaf, while our barrel regimen adds aromas of vanilla and clove. Complex in flavor but balanced and soothing in feel, this reposado is one you’ll remember.


Silky smooth and refined, Hi° Anejo invigorates the senses. Using 20% new oak barrels, we age this tequila for 18 months which provides a balance of robust flavor with a delicate feel. This golden-amber anejo is full bodied and rooted in its earthy essences. You’ll first sense smoky oak, then succumb to notes of rich caramel and roasted coffee beans. Best served straight up or over ice, this is an Anejo you’ll want to savor.

About Hi Tequila

Hi° Degree Tequila is about so much more than a high-quality drink.

Yes, it’s made with 100% highland agave and produced in an advanced distillery in Tequila, Mexico. Yes, it tastes floral and smooth, clean and light. Yes, it’s a standalone sipper or a top tier cocktail ingredient. But Hi° Tequila isn’t just made to delight your taste buds - it’s a no-nonsense, affordable, and modern approach to the craft.

Using diffusion processing to maintain taste, texture, and flavor, we make our product significantly more consistent and affordable in the process. Compared to the centuries old “craft” processing that uses more expensive methods for less output, our 88 proof alcohol gets you the most value for your money with guaranteed quality.

We also reduced methanol levels so that Hi° Degree won’t leave you with the hellish hangovers we’re all too familiar with. Hi° Degree Tequila is made with less than 200mg/L of methanol versus most other tequilas that hover around 300mg/L. It’s high time we had a drink with all the fun and without all the headaches.

Our appreciation for advanced technologies is applied to more than just what’s in the bottle. It’s actually applied to the bottle as well. As experts in bottle design, we created Hi° Degree Tequila bottles to be ergonomic. With inset sides for grippability plus a long neck and punt base that make it easy to hold, we didn’t cut any corners when making this tequila - inside and out.

Hi° Degree Tequila. Crafted for this generation. Raise a glass and enjoy.

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